Agro-Products Overview

Agricultural chemicals refer to pesticides, veterinary drugs fertilizers, and growth regulators invested in agricultural production. Their use can promote the production of edible agricultural products and play a crucial role in the sustained and rapid development of agriculture. Agricultural chemicals can be divided into three categories, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural film. Chemical fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer made by chemical or physical methods containing one or more nutrient elements needed for crop growth, which is mainly used to improve soil fertility and increase crop yield. Pesticides refer to chemicals used to control pests that endanger agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry production and regulate plant growth. The agricultural film is mainly used to cover the farmland, which can improve the ground temperature, ensure the soil moisture, make the seed germination and seedling rapid growth, and also suppress the growth of weeds.

Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Order
C000008 2,4-Dinitro-6-(1-methylheptyl)phenol 3687-22-7 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000009 N2-(1-Ethylpropyl)-4,5-dimethyl-3-nitro-1,2-benzen 66382-22-7 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000010 Fenfluthrin 75867-00-4 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000011 4-Hydroxy Florasulam 886844-32-2 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000012 Glycidyl Behenate 14338-53-5 ≥ 95% Inquiry
I006822 Fluralaner 864731-61-3 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R058076 Metribuzin 21087-64-9 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R050651 Chlorotoluron 15545-48-9 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R016894 Hexaflumuron 86479-06-3 ≥ 95% Inquiry