Diagnostics Overview

Diagnostic reagents refer to the diagnostic reagents prepared by the principles or methods of immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, etc. and used in vitro for the diagnosis, detection and epidemiological investigation of human diseases.
The general development of diagnostic reagents has the following characteristics: (1) Immunodiagnostic reagents will gradually replace clinical biochemical reagents and become the mainstream of diagnostic reagents. (2) Diagnostic technology is developing towards two poles. On the one hand, it is highly integrated and automated instrument diagnosis; on the other hand, it is simple, fast and easy to popularize rapid diagnosis. (3) The variety of inspection products will expand rapidly. (4) The product renewal and application are accelerated. Due to the continuous application and development of modern biotechnology such as genetic engineering, gene recombination and monoclonal antibody, these precise diagnostic reagents can quickly enter the clinical stage from the research stage, shortening the development time.

Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Order
C000500 Acid Red 114 (Technical Grade) 6459-94-5 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000501 Direct Blue 218 (Technical Grade) 28407-37-6 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000502 Direct Blue 15 (Technical Grade) 2429-74-5 ≥ 95% Inquiry
Hexacosanoic Acid-d4 1194984-85-4 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R066808 POBN 66893-81-0 ≥ 95% Inquiry