Fluorescent Labels Overview

The compounds that fluorescence labeling depends on are called fluorescent substances. Fluorescent substances refer to compounds with a conjugated double bond system chemical structure. When irradiated by ultraviolet light or blue-violet light, the conjug

Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Order
C000546 3-Biphenylboronic Acid 5122-95-2 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000547 Boron Subphthalocyanine Chloride (>90%) 36530-06-0 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000548 4,4'-Dibromobenzophenone 3988-03-2 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R039876 Bis(2,4,6-Trichlorophenyl)Oxalate 1165-91-9 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R024345 Isotetracycline-d6 NA ≥ 95% Inquiry