Neuronal Signaling Overview

Neuronal signals are involved in the mechanistic regulation of the CNS(Central nervous system), such as the structure, function, genetics, and physiology of the CNS, and how they can be applied to understand neurological diseases. Each information process

  • AAK1(1)
  • Amyloid-β(11)
  • Beta-secretase(1)
  • Calcium Channel(3)
  • CaMK(15)
  • Cannabinoid Receptor(2)
  • Cholinesterase (ChE)(17)
  • iGluR(2)
  • Imidazoline Receptor(4)
  • Monoamine Oxidase(8)
  • Notch(6)
  • Serotonin Transporter(5)
  • Sigma Receptor(4)
  • Trk Receptor(6)
  • TRP Channel(1)
  • γ-secretase(6)