Metalloid Overview

A metal compound is a compound in which two elements of an alloy combine according to a certain ratio of the number of atoms to form a lattice completely different from that of the two elements. The lattice of metal compounds is generally complex. Generally, they have high hardness, melting point, and brittleness, so they cannot be used directly. When metal compounds appear in the alloy, the hardness and wear resistance of the alloy can generally be improved, but the plasticity and toughness will be reduced.
The properties of metal compound alloys are often quite different from those of the metals that comprise them. With the development of new technologies and processes, a variety of new functional materials and structural materials have been developed, among which the most typical metal functional materials are amorphous metals, shape memory alloys, damping alloys, superconducting materials, hydrogen storage alloys, ultrafine powders, etc; New structural materials include superplastic alloys, ultra-high temperature alloys, etc.

Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Order
L006915 Tropylium tetrafluoroborate 27081-10-3 ≥ 95% Inquiry
L004221 Triphenylantimony 603-36-1 ≥ 95% Inquiry
L002806 Potassium tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)borate 89171-23-3 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M055204 AMMONIUM TETRAPHENYLBORATE 14637-34-4 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M050043 Boron oxide 1303-86-2 ≥ 95% Inquiry