Pesticides Overview

Insecticide is a general term for a class of agents that can poison and kill insects that harm crops, fruit trees, forest trees, vegetables, storage and environmental health, as well as internal and external parasites of domestic animals and poultry. The use of insecticides is a modern technology for pest control, with the advantages of convenience, speed, efficiency and economy.
After the application of insecticides, most of them degrade to non-toxic substances under the action of physical, chemical and biological factors, but there are still trace amounts of insecticides remaining in agricultural products and the environment, including soil, water bodies, atmosphere and other animal and plant bodies within a certain period of time. This residual pesticide may cause potential harm to human or other animals. Therefore. The problem of toxicity is a difficult point in the development of new insecticide varieties, and chronic toxicity is the key issue of whether existing insecticide varieties can continue to be used.

Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Order
R016917 Indoxacarb 144171-61-9 ≥ 95% Inquiry