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Welcome to Musechem

MuseChem is a professional company committed to providing a wide variety of specialty chemicals including Inhibitors, APIs, reference standards and other research-use chemicals. We have thousands of products in stock that are ready to meet your needs. Generally all of these products are stored, tested and shipped from San Gabriel, CA USA.

With experienced scientists and advanced platform technologies, MuseChem offers an extensive range of services including custom synthesis, analytical support, peptide synthesis and many other strategic service solutions. Our services help advance drug discovery and bio-medical research for our clients worldwide.

Welcome to contact us to inquiry our products and services, and we will offer the most competitive prices and the best technical support. MuseChem expects to be your reliable partner and help you to achieve success in the research and development projects.

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Recommended Products
  • CAS No. : 99044-57-2
    Product Name:

    2-Ethynyl Adenosine

    Cat No: I012887 View details
  • CAS No. : 1599440-33-1
    Product Name:


    Cat No: T000055 View details
  • CAS No. : 206645-99-0
    Product Name:


    Cat No: I013084 View details
  • CAS No. : 320725-47-1
    Product Name:

    Squalamine lactate

    Cat No: I013055 View details
  • CAS No. : 1809249-37-3
    Product Name:


    Cat No: I009001 View details
  • CAS No. : 16390-07-1
    Product Name:


    Cat No: M074771 View details
  • CAS No. : 1478364-68-9
    Product Name:

    PXS 4728 HCl

    Cat No: I008921 View details
  • CAS No. : 204386-76-5
    Product Name:


    Cat No: I009190 View details