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MuseChem is a leading supplier of custom peptide synthesis services. With rich knowledge and expertise in peptide synthesis and proprietary platform technologies, we offer a wide range of peptide synthesis services from bulk API peptides production to complex peptide modifications. We have an experienced team of scientists who are able to choose and optimize the appropriate peptide synthesis method for each peptide, so our peptide synthesis service has a very high success rate. Each peptide comes with a complete quality control package, which includes HPLC and MS Analysis.

Features of our custom peptide synthesis

● Free peptide design and consultation

● Custom synthesis of peptide, peptides building blocks and peptide fragments

● Small scale high throughput peptide library synthesis to bulk quantity peptides production

 Solid and solution phase synthesis

 Recombinant peptide technology for producing long peptide (>200 amino acids)

 State-of-the-art analytical support (LCMS, HPLC, AA analyzer)

Custom synthesis of modified peptides 

MuseChem also has a strong capability in supplying a variety of modified peptides, include, not limited to:

● Isotope labeled peptides

● Fluorescent & FRET peptides

● Cyclic peptides

● Stapled peptides

 Amidated peptides

 Acetylated peptides

 Biotinylated peptides

 Citrullinated peptides

 Phosphorylated peptides

● PEGylated peptides