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Bioconjugation is a strategy to form a stable covalent bond between two molecules, at least one of which is a biomolecule. As a cross-linking technique, bioconjugation has been widely used to create functional biomolecules for specific biomarkers imaging, cellular events tracking, protein biodistribution determination, enzyme function revealing and drug delivery.

MuseChem, a leading bioconjugation service supplier, focuses on novel therapeutics discovery and drug development. Relying on our state-of-art technical platform and rich expertise, we provide a one-stop solution to satisfy customers’ needs. From synthetic route design and optimization, to complex bioconjugates production and assay development, we strive with excellence and confidence to offer high quality and cost effective bioconjugation service for our clients. 

Our Bioconjuation Service 

We offer a comprehensive range of bioconjugation services, include, not limited to:

● Antibody-drug conjugation (ADC)

● Peptide-drug conjugation

● Fluorescent labeling and bioconjugation

● Biotinylation and conjugation of streptavidin/avidin

● Chemoselective ligation: bioorthogonal reagents

● Enzyme modifications and bioconjugation

● Cross linking DNA, RNA, siRNA and nucleic acid analogs

● Gold nanoparticle labeling

● Stable isotope labeling

Our Advantages 

● Extensive expertise in a variety of cross linking modification and bioconjugation reactions

● Full spectrum of molecules for bioconjugation: andibody, peptides, fluorescent dyes, non-fluorescent dyes, nanoparticles, enzymes, and custom-made/user supplied small drug compounds

● Guaranteed quality: each bioconjugate will be monitored during synthesis and controlled according to our quality assurance standards

● Excellent technical support team: assist customer from design to delivery