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MuseChem engages in research and development of organic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. We provide world class service in synthesis of varieties of products on the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price. Armed with outstanding chemistry problem solving skills, our teams of well-trained synthetic chemists are capable of handling even the most complex chemical synthesis and characterization projects, and completing projects on your required timeframe.

We offer high-quality and cost-effective custom synthesis service under strict confidentiality including the following:

● Novel synthetic route design and route optimization
● Multi-step organic synthesis from milligrams to kilograms
● Asymmetric synthesis and resolution
● Scale-up of existing literatures or customer supplied syntheses, custom manufacturing of chemicals in bulk quantities
● NMR, LCMS, HPLC analysis to determine structure and purity of target molecules

We would like to give you the best possible solutions and are looking forward to cooperating with you. Your inquiry normally will be addressed within 48 hours upon receipt of request. We will provide you with a quote including price and estimated lead time for the project in a timely manner. The quote will be calculated on the basis of the current FTE rate. We also deliver detailed biweekly reports with project progress. Each project will be treated under the confidentiality agreement. We won’t charge our clients for failed synthesis.