Nitrogen Overview

The incorporation of the stable isotope 15N into a molecule through labeling has numerous research applications. It is particularly useful in metabolic studies and protein research, where the nitrogen atoms in amino acids can be labeled with 15N. By monitoring 15N incorporation into the amino acids of a protein, researchers can study protein synthesis and turnover, providing valuable insights into biological systems. Moreover, 15N labeling has applications in environmental studies, where it is used to study nutrient cycling in ecosystems. By tracking 15N-labeled nutrients through an ecosystem, researchers can gain a deeper understanding of nutrient absorption and recycling by various organisms and ecological processes. In drug discovery and development, 15N labeling is used in metabolism studies. Labeling a drug molecule with 15N enables researchers to monitor its metabolic fate and understand how it is processed within the body. In summary, 15N labeling is an essential tool in various research fields, such as protein research, metabolic studies, and environmental science. By incorporating 15N into a molecule, researchers can track nitrogen atom fate in biological and ecological systems and study drug metabolism.

Cat No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Order
C000373 L-Glutamic Acid-13C5,15N 202468-31-3 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000345 Tranexamic Acid-13C2,15N 1292837-95-6 ≥ 95% Inquiry
C000023 Adenine Hydrochloride-15N5 2095709-78-5 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R064658 Potassium phthalimide-15N 53510-88-6 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R064576 N-(6-(15N)Azanyl-3-methyl-2,4-dioxo-(2,4,5,6-13C4, 1173022-65-5 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R071787 N-[3'',4'' Dihydroxy-(E)-cinnamoyl]-[13C4,15N]-L-a ≥ 95% Inquiry
R068263 Thyroxine-13C9,15N ≥ 95% Inquiry
R068060 Chlorzoxazone-13C,15N,d2 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R068073 Dienogest-13C2,15N ≥ 95% Inquiry
R068122 Leuprolide-13C6,15N ≥ 95% Inquiry
R068124 Liothyronine-13C9,15N ≥ 95% Inquiry
R066216 5-Aminolevulinic Acid-13C2,15N HCl ≥ 95% Inquiry
R068024 Acipimox-13C2,15N2 ≥ 95% Inquiry
R067167 Gemcitabine-13C,15N2 (hydrochloride) ≥ 95% Inquiry
R067095 Decitabine-15N4 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M017690 Beta-Alanine-13C3,15N 285978-07-6 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M141517 rac 3-(1,2,4-Triazol-1-yl)-L-alanine-15N,d2 1219176-41-6 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M137237 COPPER(I) CYANIDE-13C,15N 199450-10-7 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M129891 5-AMINO-15N-LEVULINIC ACID HCL 116571-80-3 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M125971 AMiloride 15N3 1217169-93-1 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M120157 ACETONITRILE-2-13C,15N 1755-38-0 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M112672 TAURINE-15N 127041-63-8 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M108406 N-(9-FLUORENYLMETHOXYCARBONYL)GLYCINE-1-13C-15N 125700-33-6 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M107450 (BOC)2-15NH 137052-25-6 ≥ 95% Inquiry
M107271 BOC-[15N]ALA-OH 139952-87-7 ≥ 95% Inquiry