Tildipirosin- CAS 328898-40-4

Tildipirosin(Zuprevo) is a novel 16-membered macrolide for treatment, control, and prevention of bovine respiratory disease; inhibits protein synthesis on the ribosome (IC50= 0.23 ± 0.01 μM).
IC50 value:
Target: Antibiotic; Protein synthesis inhibitor
The efficacy of tildipirosin at inhibiting protein synthesis on the ribosome is 50% inhibitory concentration [IC(50)], 0.23 ± 0.01 μM [1]. The time-concentration profile of tildipirosin in BF and lung far exceeded that in blood plasma. In lung, tildipirosin concentrations reached 3.1 μg/g at 2 h, peaked at 4.3 μg/g at day 1, and slowly declined to 0.8 μg/g at day 17. In BF, tildipirosin levels were 14.3, 7.0, and 6.5 μg/g at days 5, 10, and 14. T1/2 in lung was ~7 days. Tildipirosin is rapidly and extensively distributed to the respiratory tract followed by slow elimination [2].

Catalog Number: I003170

CAS Number: 328898-40-4

PubChem Substance ID:355038984

Molecular Formula: C₄₁H₇₁N₃O₈

Molecular Weight:734.03

Purity: ≥95%

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* For research use only. Not for human or veterinary use.




Molecular Formula: C₄₁H₇₁N₃O₈
Molecular Weight734.03
Target:Antibiotic; Protein synthesis inhibitor
Solubility10 mM in DMSO

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