CAS No. : 204975-45-1

Product Details
Cat No:R025230
Synonyms:4,7-anhydro-2,3-dideoxy-7R-C-phenyl-D-xylo-heptonic acid, methyl ester
Molecular Formula:C14H18O5
Molecular Weight:266.7
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Cat No:R025230
Cas No:204975-45-1
(+)-Goniothalesdiol, isolated from the bark of the Malaysian tree G. borneensis, is a tetrahydrofuran compound known to have significant cytotoxic effects against P388 mouse leukemia cells and pesticidal activities. It has been shown to have promising cytotoxic activity against p388 mouse leukemia cells (ED50 ≥30 µg/ml).
1.Prasad, K.R., and Gholap, S.L. An expeditious enantiospecific total synthesis of (+)-7-epi-goniofufurone. Synlett 14, 2260-2262 (2005).
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