(R)-Bromoenol lactone

CAS No. : 478288-90-3

(R)-Bromoenol lactone,478288-90-3
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Cat No:R011120
Molecular Formula:C17H16O2
Molecular Weight:252.313
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Cat No:R011120
Cas No:478288-90-3
Product-Name:(R)-Bromoenol lactone
IUPAC Name:(3R)-6-ethylidene-3-naphthalen-1-yloxan-2-one
The phospholipases are an extensive family of lipid hydrolases that function in cell signaling, digestion, membrane remodeling, and as venom components. The calcium-independent phospholipases (iPLA2) are a PLA2 subfamily closely associated with the release of arachidonic acid in response to physiologic stimuli. (R)-Bromoenol lactone ((R)-BEL) is an irreversible, chiral, mechanism-based inhibitor of calcium-independent phospholipase γ (iPLA2γ). Unlike (S)-BEL, (R)-BEL does not inhibit iPLA2β except at high doses of 20-30 µM. (R)-BEL inhibits human recombinant iPLA2γ with an IC50 of approximately 0.6 µM.
1.Balsinde, J.,Balboa, M.A.,Insel, P.A., et al. Regulation and inhibition of phospholipase A2. Annual Reviews of Pharmacology and Toxicology 39, 175-189 (1999).
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