CAS No. : 1082949-68-5

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For research use only. Not Intended for Therapeutic Use!
Cat No:I000362
Molecular Formula:C₂₈H₂₇F₄N₇O₃S
Molecular Weight:617.62
Target:p70S6K inhibitor
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Appearance:White to off-white solid powder
Purity: > 98%
Cat No:I000362
Cas No:1082949-68-5

LY-2584702 tosylate salt is an orally available inhibitor of p70S6K signaling; inhibits p70S6K and prevents phosphorylation of the S6 subunit of ribosomes.
IC50 value:
Target: p70S6K inhibitor
LY-2584702 is an orally available inhibitor of p70S6K signaling, with potential antineoplastic activity. LY2584702 inhibits ribosomal protein S6 Kinase (p70S6K), and prevents phosphorylation of the S6 subunit of ribosomes, thereby inhibiting normal ribosomal function within tumor cells leading to a decrease in protein synthesis and in cellular proliferation. P70S6K, a serine/threonine kinase, acts downstream of PIP3 and phosphoinositide-dependent kinase-1 in the PI3 kinase pathway, is often upregulated in a variety of cancer cells, and is involved in the regulation of cell growth, proliferation, motility, and survival.

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