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Simple and clean method for obtaining Sn nanoparticles for hydrophobic coatings

Author links open overlay panelA.T.BuruianaF.SavaE.MateiI.ZguraM.BurduselC.MihaiA.Velea

Materials Letters Volume 278, 1 November 2020, 128419

Sn nanoparticles (NPs) are usually obtained by difficult chemical routes in several steps followed by thermal treatments. Here, a simple and clean method, to obtain Sn NPs directly on the substrate, is developed based on a vapor transport technique. The method is versatile, thus can be easily adjusted to obtain Sn NPs of different size, areal density and morphology, by controlling the deposition conditions. NPs are grown on Si/SiO2 substrate and characterized. Water contact angle measurements show that Sn nanoparticles increase the surface hydrophobicity by 20%. Thus, NPs cleanly obtained from a low-cost, earth-abundant, and environmentally friendly material, can be used to modulate the wettability of surfaces.

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