Pyruvic Acid Sodium Salt-13C2

  • CAT Number: C000319
  • CAS Number: 89196-78-1
  • Molecular Formula: C¹³C₂H₃NaO₃
  • Molecular Weight: 112.03
  • Purity: ≥95%
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Pyruvic Acid-13C2(CAT: C000319) is an intermediate in synthesizing L-Lactic Acid-d3 Sodium Salt, a labeled sodium salt of L-Lactic Acid. L-lactic acid occurs in small quantities in the blood and muscle fluid of man and animals. The lactic acid concentration increases in muscle and blood after vigorous activity. L-(+)-Lactic acid is also present in the liver, kidney, thymus gland, human amniotic fluid, and other organs and body fluids.

Catalog Number C000319
CAS Number 89196-78-1

2-Oxopropanoic Acid Sodium Salt; Sodium Pyruvate; α-Ketopropionate Sodium-;

Molecular Formula


Purity 95%
Solubility Methanol (Slightly, Sonicated), Water (Slightly)
Storage -20°C, Hygroscopic

Wenzel, A., et al.: J. Neurosci., 21, 53 (2001); Martinez., et al.: Development, 6, 851 (2002); Nakayama, K., et al.: J. Biochem., 146, 757 (2009); Tanaka, T., et al.: J. Pharmacol. Sci., 109, 24 (2009)

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