HG-10-012-01- CAS 1351758-81-0

CAS No.: 1351758-81-0

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For research use only. Not Intended for Therapeutic Use!
Cat No:I001354


Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:377.83
IC50::23.3 nM (WT LRRK2); 3.2 nM (LRRK2 G2019S) [1]
Description:HG-10-102-01 is a potent and selective inhibitor of wild-type LRRK2(IC50=23.3 nM) and the G2019S mutant(IC50=3.2 nM)IC50 Value: 23.
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HG-10-102-01 is a potent and selective inhibitor of wild-type LRRK2(IC50=23.3 nM) and the G2019S mutant(IC50=3.2 nM)
IC50 Value: 23.3 nM (WT LRRK2); 3.2 nM (LRRK2 G2019S) [1]
Target: LRRK2
HG-10-102-01 maintains the ability to potently inhibit the biochemical activity of wild-type and G2019S mutant LRRK2. HG-10-102-01 exhibited biochemical IC50s of 20.3 and 3.2 nM against wild-type LRRK2 and LRRK2[G2019S], respectively. At a concentration of 10 M, HG-10-102-01 only inhibited the kinase activities of MLK1 and MNK2 to greater than 80% of the DMSO control. Dose-response analysis revealed inhibition of MLK1 with an IC50 2.1 M and MNK2 with an IC50 0.6 M. KinomeScan analysis against a near comprehensive panel of 451 kinases at a concentration of 1 M resulted in no interactions detected with kinases other than G2019S LRRK2 with the exception of one mutant form of c-Kit (L576P) demonstrating the outstanding selectivity of this inhibitor.
HG-10-102-01 significantly inhibited phosphorylation of wildtype LRRK2 and LRRK2[G2019S] mutant at Ser910 and Ser935 at 0.3-1.0 M in cell culture, which is approximately the same potency as LRRK2-IN-1 (1). HG-10-102-01 is relatively insensitive to the A2016T mutation which suggests that this mutant will not be useful to validate whether the pharmacological effects of the compound are LRRK2-dependent.
HG-10-102-01 can inhibit phosphorylation of Ser910 and Ser935 of LRRK2 in brain and peripheral tissues following intraperitoneal doses of 50 mg/kg. Further optimization of this chemo-type especially in regards to in vivo half-life will be reported in due course [1].

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