Heptaminol hydrochloride - CAS 543-15-7

Heptaminol hydrochloride (Cat.No:I003992) is a vasodilator and cardiac stimulant medication. It acts by increasing blood flow and enhancing cardiac output. Heptaminol hydrochloride is used in the treatment of conditions such as low blood pressure, circulatory disorders, and orthostatic hypotension. It has also been investigated for its potential use in sports performance enhancement.

Catalog Number: I003992

CAS Number: 543-15-7

PubChem Substance ID:355037576

Molecular Formula: C8H20ClNO

Molecular Weight:181.7

Purity: ≥95%

* For research use only. Not for human or veterinary use.


Molecular Formula: C8H20ClNO
Molecular Weight181.7
Solubility10 mM in H2O
StorageStore at -20C