Fasudil, Monohydrochloride - CAS 105628-07-7

Fasudil(HA-1077), a potent and selective inhibitor of Rho kinase, displays less potent inhibiton over PKA, PKG, PKC and MLCK with Ki of 1.6, 1.6, 3.3, and 36 μM in cell-free assays, respectively.
Fasudil is a class of calcium antagonists. Fasudil produces a competitive inhibition of the Ca
Intra-coronary injection of Fasudil to dogs (30 μg i.a.) produces an approximate 50% increase in CBF. Fasudil (0.01, 0.03, 0.1 and 0.3 mg/kg, bolus, i.v.) dose-dependently decreases MBP and increases HR, VBF, CBF, RBF, and FBF. A total dose of 1.0 ng/mL Fasudil increases cardiac output. The infusion of Fasudil i.v. produces a significant fall in MBP, left ventricular systolic pressure and total peripheral resistance with an increase in HR and cardiac output, but without significant changes in right atrial pressure, dP/dt or left ventricular minute work in dogs.

Catalog Number: A000787

CAS Number: 105628-07-7

PubChem Substance ID:355040703

Molecular Formula: C₁₄H₁₇N₃O₂S•HCl

Molecular Weight:327.83

Purity: ≥95%

* For research use only. Not for human or veterinary use.




Molecular Formula: C₁₄H₁₇N₃O₂S•HCl
Molecular Weight327.83
Solubility>16.4mg/mL in DMSO
Storage3 years -20C powder

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