Disitertide - CAS 272105-42-7

Disitertide(CAT: I002934) is a peptide-based compound that is a mimic of transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-β1). TGF-β1 is a multifunctional cytokine involved in various biological processes, including cell growth, differentiation, and immune regulation. Disitertide, as a TGF-β1 mimic, has been investigated for its potential therapeutic applications in conditions related to tissue repairs, such as fibrosis and wound healing. It is believed to modulate TGF-β1 signaling pathways and promote tissue remodeling and regeneration.

Catalog Number: I002934

CAS Number: 272105-42-7

PubChem Substance ID:355036731

Molecular Formula: C68H109N17O22S2

Molecular Weight:1580.82

Purity: ≥95%

* For research use only. Not for human or veterinary use.


Molecular Formula: C68H109N17O22S2
Molecular Weight1580.82
Target:target: TGF-β1 [1]