• CAT Number: I002131
  • CAS Number: 1637739-82-2
  • Molecular Formula: C16H13F3N4O
  • Molecular Weight: 334.302
  • Purity: ≥95%
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BQU57 (CAT: I002131) is a compound that exhibits selective inhibition of Ral, a small GTPase protein involved in cell signaling pathways. BQU57 specifically targets Ral without significant inhibition of Ras or Rho, two other related GTPases. By selectively inhibiting Ral, BQU57 disrupts Ral-mediated signaling cascades, which are involved in various cellular processes such as cell growth, survival, and migration. Studies have shown that BQU57’s inhibition of Ral can result in the inhibition of xenograft tumor growth, similar to the effects observed with depletion of Ral using siRNA (small interfering RNA).

Catalog Number I002131
CAS Number 1637739-82-2
Molecular Formula


Purity 95%
Target Ras-like GTPases
Solubility DMSO: ≥ 36 mg/mL
Storage Store at -20°C
IC50 2.0 μM (H2122 cell), 1.3 μM (H358 cell)
IUPAC Name 6-amino-1,3-dimethyl-4-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-4H-pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazole-5-carbonitrile
InChI InChI=1S/C16H13F3N4O/c1-8-12-13(9-3-5-10(6-4-9)16(17,18)19)11(7-20)14(21)24-15(12)23(2)22-8/h3-6,13H,21H2,1-2H3

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<br>[1]. Yan C, et al. Discovery and characterization of small molecules that target the GTPase Ral. Nature. 2014 Nov 20;515(7527):443-447.

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