CAS No. : 33973-59-0 (base), 826-36-8 (HCl), 29334-13-2 (tosilate).

TEMPIDONE,33973-59-0 (base), 826-36-8 (HCl), 29334-13-2 (tosilate).
Product Details
Cat No:T000134
Synonyms:2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidone-4 hydrochloride.
Molecular Formula:C9H17NO .HCl
Molecular Weight:191.70 Da.
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Melting Point:195-196 °C.
Appearance:colorless crystal powder.
Purity:min. 99.5%.
TLC (Silufol UV-254, MeOH:NH3(25%) Rf 0.41, development with Dragendorff� reagent); NMR (D2O).
Cat No:T000134
Cas No:33973-59-0 (base), 826-36-8 (HCl), 29334-13-2 (tosilate).

a neuronal nicotinic AChR antagonist. Potent ganglioblocker. Hypotensive. Good penetration of biological membranes. Sedative. Secondary analog of Pempidone. Antioxidant, radical scavenger.

Piperidine derivative,, synthetic.

For comparative information see the attached tables.

Cell permeant central nicotinic cholinoreceptor blocker without action on skeleton muscle innervation. Nicotinic AChR antagonist, autonomic ganglioblocker [1-3].

Hypotensive (purely anti-nicotinic) without smooth muscles relaxation - up to 80 �g/kg has no antagonism with BaCl2, conc. KCl, noradrenaline, histamine, 5-HT, angiotensin, bradyquinine [4].

Antioxydant [5]: precursor of stable TEMPO nitroxyl radical. Inhibits cell in metastase :
COLCHICINE-like action [6]:
Hepatoma 22 (C 3H mice) : 90-270: 35-50: 66-100
Erlich carcinoma (albino mice): 100-380: 40-85: 66-100
Brown-Pearce carcinoma (rabbits):15-150: remarkable reduction of metastases and primary tumor.

Sedative, hypnotic [2].

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