2’3’-c-di-AM(PS)2 (Rp,Rp)

CAS No. : 1638750-95-4

2’3’-c-di-AM(PS)2 (Rp,Rp),1638750-95-4
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Cat No:R071444
Molecular Formula:C20 H24 N10 O10 P2 S2 . 2 Na
Molecular Weight:734.50
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Cat No:R071444
Cas No:1638750-95-4
Product-Name:2’3’-c-di-AM(PS)2 (Rp,Rp)
Related Cas:1638241-89-0(free acid)
2’3’-c-di-AM(PS)2 (Rp,Rp)(cas 1638750-95-4) is a synthetic cyclic dinucleotide with higher stability resisting degradation by phosphodiesterases. It has improved binding affinity to STING and activates mouse STING (mSTING) as well as human STING (hSTING) alleles. Compared to natural cyclic dinucleotides, it exhibits higher potency in inducing interferons.
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