(±)7-epi Jasmonic Acid

CAS No. : 62653-85-4

(±)7-epi Jasmonic Acid,62653-85-4
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Cat No:R067377
Synonyms:2-iso Jasmonic Acid;7-iso Jasmonic Acid
Molecular Formula:C12H18O3
Molecular Weight:210.273
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Cat No:R067377
Cas No:62653-85-4
Product-Name:(±)7-epi Jasmonic Acid
IUPAC Name:2-[(1R,2S)-3-oxo-2-[(Z)-pent-2-enyl]cyclopentyl]acetic acid
(±)-7-epi Jasmonic acid is the major metabolite of the 12-oxo phytodienoic acid pathway of the metabolism of 13(S)-hydroperoxy linolenic acid in plants. Initially synthesized as (+)-7-epi jasmonic acid, this more active and biologically relevant form of the hormone quickly epimerizes to the more stable isomer (−)-7-jasmonic acid. (±)-7-epi Jasmonic acid is a plant growth regulator that activates various signal transduction pathways with both growth promoting and inhibitory functions, perhaps in response to stress.
1.Holbrook, L.,Tung, P.,Ward, K., et al. Importance of the chiral centers of jasmonic acid in the responses of plants. Activities and antagonism between natural and synthetic analogs. Plant Physiology 114, 419-428 (1997).
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