1,2-bis(heptanoylthio) Glycerophosphocholine

CAS No. : 89019-63-6

1,2-bis(heptanoylthio) Glycerophosphocholine,89019-63-6
Product Details
Cat No:R067325
Synonyms:Diheptanoyl Thio-PC;1,2-bis(Heptanoylthio)-1,2-dideoxy-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylcholine
Molecular Formula:C22H44NO6PS2
Molecular Weight:513.689
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Cat No:R067325
Cas No:89019-63-6
Product-Name:1,2-bis(heptanoylthio) Glycerophosphocholine
IUPAC Name:[(2S)-2,3-bis(heptanoylsulfanyl)propyl] 2-(trimethylazaniumyl)ethyl phosphate
Diheptanoyl Thio-PC is a substrate for all phospholipase A2s (PLA2s) with the exception of cPLA2 and PAF-acetyl hydrolase (PAF-AH). Interaction of this compound with a PLA2 results in cleavage of the sn-2 fatty acid generating a free thiol on the lysophospholipid. This free thiol can be detected using chromogenic substrates such as DTNB (Ellman’s reagent) and DTP.
1.Roberts, M.F. Phospholipases: Structural and functional motifs for working at an interface. The FASEB Journal 10, 1159-1172 (1996).
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