(±)8(9)-EET methyl ester

CAS No. :

(±)8(9)-EET methyl ester,
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Cat No:R067306
Synonyms:(±)8,9-EpETrE methyl ester
Molecular Formula:C21H34O3
Molecular Weight:334.5
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Cat No:R067306
Product-Name:(±)8(9)-EET methyl ester
(±)8(9)-EET (Item No. 50351) is biosynthesized in rat and rabbit liver microsomes by CYP450. (±)8(9)-EET is a major CYP450 metabolite in the renal cortex. (±)8(9)-EET reduces GFR through cyclooxygenase-dependent preglomerular vasoconstriction. (±)8(9)-EET methyl ester is a more stable form used for long-term storage. It can be readily hydrolyzed to the free acid as needed.
1.Chacos, N.,Falck, J.R.,Wixtrom, C., et al. Novel epoxides formed during the liver cytochrome P-450 oxidation of arachidonic acid. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 104, 916-922 (1982).
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