1,N6-Ethenoadenosine 5/'-monophosphate (sodium salt)

CAS No. : 885597-18-2

1,N6-Ethenoadenosine 5/
Product Details
Cat No:R066945
Molecular Formula:C12H12N5O7P • 2Na
Molecular Weight:415.2
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Cat No:R066945
Cas No:885597-18-2
Product-Name:1,N6-Ethenoadenosine 5/'-monophosphate (sodium salt)
1,N 1,N 1,N
1.Jahnz-Wechmann, Z.,Framski, G.R.,Januszczyk, P.A., et al. Base-modified nucleosides: Etheno derivatives. Front. Chem. 4, 19 (2016).
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