(E)-2-Hexadecenal Alkyne

CAS No. : 1778692-99-1

(E)-2-Hexadecenal Alkyne,1778692-99-1
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Cat No:R066835
Molecular Formula:C16H26O
Molecular Weight:234.4
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Cat No:R066835
Cas No:1778692-99-1
Product-Name:(E)-2-Hexadecenal Alkyne
(E)-2-Hexadecenal alkyne is an alkyne version of the sphingolipid degradation product (E)-2-hexadecenal (Item No. 17566) that can be used as a click chemistry probe. (E)-2-Hexadecenal has been shown to induce cytoskeletal reorganization that results in cell rounding, detachment, activation of downstream JNK targets, and eventual apoptosis in various cell types. It reacts readily with deoxyguanosine and DNA to form aldehyde-derived DNA adducts.
1.Lin, H.-Y.,Haegele, J.A.,Disare, M.T., et al. A generalizable platform for interrogating target- and signal-specific consequences of electrophilic modifications in redox-dependent cell signaling. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137(19), 6232-6244 (2015).
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