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Cat No:R065709
Synonyms:(±)8,9-Epoxyeicosa-14(Z)-enoic Acid
Molecular Formula:C20H36O3
Molecular Weight:324.5
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Cat No:R065709
(±)14(15)-EE-8(Z)-E (Item No. 10010486) is a potent vasodilator in bovine coronary arteries. The synthesis of this analog involves the formation of the epoxide at the 14,15-double bond, however, epoxidation can also occur at the 8,9-double bond. (±)8(9)-EE-14(Z)-E is a minor product from the synthesis of (±)14(15)-EE-8(Z)-E. This compound has not been reported in the literature, and its biological activity is not known. It may serve as a tool to verify that the parent compound, (±)14(15)-EE-8(Z)-E, is pure and does not contain the 8,9-epoxy regioisomer.
1.Gauthier, K.M.,Falck, J.R.,Reddy, L.M., et al. 14,15-EET analogs: Characterization of structural requirements for agonist and antagonist activity in bovine coronary arteries. Pharmacological Research 49, 515-524 (2004).
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