(±)-Clopidogrel (hydrochloride)

CAS No. : 90055-48-4

(±)-Clopidogrel (hydrochloride),90055-48-4
Product Details
Cat No:R064529
Synonyms:α-(2-chlorophenyl)-6,7-dihydro-methyl ester-thieno[3,2-c]pyridine-5(4H)-acetic acid
Molecular Formula:C16H16NO2S • HCl
Molecular Weight:358.3
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Cat No:R064529
Cas No:90055-48-4
Product-Name:(±)-Clopidogrel (hydrochloride)
Clopidogrel is an antithrombic compound whose active metabolite is a selective, irreversible antagonist of the platelet purinergic P2Y12 receptor (IC50 = 100 nM). Clopidogrel inhibits ADP-induced platelet aggregation ex vivo and functions as a prodrug whereupon biotransformation to its active metabolite via CYP2C19 in the liver enables its anti-aggregating activity. Marketed under the name Plavix
1.Savi, P.,Labouret, C.,Delesque, N., et al. P2Y12, a new platelet ADP receptor, target of clopidogrel. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 283, 379-383 (2001).
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