(+)-CP 55,940

CAS No. :

(+)-CP 55,940,
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Cat No:R064512
Molecular Formula:C24H40O3
Molecular Weight:376.6
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Cat No:R064512
Product-Name:(+)-CP 55,940
(±)-CP 55,940 is a bicyclic mimetic of Δ The isomer (−)-CP 55,940, which structurally resembles the A and C ring of Δ (+)-CP 55,940 is an enantiomer purified from the (±)-CP 55,940 racemic mixture. The functional characteristics of this isomer have not been studied. However, there is no significant difference between the racemate and (−) isomer in analgesic activity in four of five tests, suggesting that (+)-CP 55,940 is biologically active.
1.Devane, W.A.,Dysarz, F.A., III,Johnson, M.R., et al. Determination and characterization of a cannabinoid receptor in rat brain. Molecular Pharmacology 34, 605-613 (1988).
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