(4E, 11Z)-Sphingadienine-C18

CAS No. : NA

(4E, 11Z)-Sphingadienine-C18,NA
Product Details
Cat No:R061897
Synonyms:(2S,3R,4E,11Z)-2-Aminooctadeca-4,11-diene-1,3-diol; (E,Z)-D-erythro-2-Amino-4,11-octadecadiene-1,3-diol; [R-[R*,S*-(E,Z)]]-2-Amino-4,11-octadecadiene-1,3-diol;
Molecular Formula:C₁₈H₃₅NO₂
Molecular Weight:297.48
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Cat No:R061897
Cas No:NA
Product-Name:(4E, 11Z)-Sphingadienine-C18
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