(S)-Dibutyl 3-Hydroxybutyl Phosphate

CAS No. : NA

(S)-Dibutyl 3-Hydroxybutyl Phosphate,NA
Product Details
Cat No:R060894
Molecular Formula:C12H27O5P
Molecular Weight:282.3
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Appearance:A solution in methanol
Cat No:R060894
Cas No:NA
Product-Name:(S)-Dibutyl 3-Hydroxybutyl Phosphate
Dibutyl 3-hydroxybutyl phosphate (TBP-OH; Item No. 9001825) is a compound produced from the metabolism of the organophosphorus solvent, tributyl phosphate (TBP). Incubation of goldfish liver microsomes in the presence of NADPH has been shown to convert TBP into TBP-OH and dibutyl phosphate. TBP-OH has also been produced during radiolysis of TBP. (S)-TBP-OH is an optically active isomer of TBP-OH.
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