(all-cis)-7,10,13,16,19-Docosapentaenoic Acid

CAS No. : 24880-45-3

(all-cis)-7,10,13,16,19-Docosapentaenoic Acid,24880-45-3
Product Details
Cat No:R057222
Synonyms:(7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z)-7,10,13,16,19-Docosapentaenoic Acid; (all-Z)-7,10,13,16,19- Docosapentaenoic Acid; 7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z-Docosapentaenoic Acid; 7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z-Docosapentaenoic Acid; Docosapentaenoic Acid; Δ7,10,13,16,19-Docosapentaenoic Acid;
Molecular Formula:C22H34O2
Molecular Weight:330.512
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Unit:25 mg
Physical Appearance:liquid
Cat No:R057222
Cas No:24880-45-3
Product-Name:(all-cis)-7,10,13,16,19-Docosapentaenoic Acid
IUPAC Name:(7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z)-docosa-7,10,13,16,19-pentaenoic acid
Docosapentaenoic acid is an ω-3 fatty acid found in fish oils. It is a minor constituent of the total serum unsaturated fatty acids in humans, ranging from 0.1 to 1%, and increases on dietary supplementation.

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