(11Z)-16-[[2-(Methylamino)-2-oxoacetyl]amino]-11-hexadecenoic Acid

CAS No. : 1235543-17-5

(11Z)-16-[[2-(Methylamino)-2-oxoacetyl]amino]-11-hexadecenoic Acid,1235543-17-5
Product Details
Cat No:R040201
Synonyms:16-[[2-(Methylamino)-2-oxoacetyl]amino]-hexadecen-11-oic Acid; 16-[[2-(Methylamino)-2-oxoacetyl]amino]-11-hexadecenoic Acid; CAY10665
Molecular Formula:C19H34N2O4
Molecular Weight:354.491
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Appearance:A solution in ethanol
Cat No:R040201
Cas No:1235543-17-5
Product-Name:(11Z)-16-[[2-(Methylamino)-2-oxoacetyl]amino]-11-hexadecenoic Acid
IUPAC Name:(Z)-16-[[2-(methylamino)-2-oxoacetyl]amino]hexadec-11-enoic acid
Isolated neonatal rat cardiomyocytes, which spontaneously beat in culture, are used to evaluate the antiarrhythmic effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). In this model, the ω-3 PUFA eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, 3-10 μM) reduces the contraction rate of cells, indicating a positive antiarrhythmic effect. Cytochrome P450 metabolites of EPA are more potent, with 17,18-epoxyeicosatetraenoic acid (17,18-EET) reducing contractions at 30 nM. CAY10665 is a bioisostere of 17,18-EET which is approximately 50% more effective at reducing arrhythmic contraction frequency, without affecting amplitude, when tested at 30 nM. This disubstituted oxamide represents a stable analog of 17,18-EET which may be used to study the mechanism of regulation of cardiomyocyte contractility by EPA metabolites.
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