(+)-Cloprostenol methyl amide

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(+)-Cloprostenol methyl amide,
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Cat No:R039562
Synonyms:D-Cloprostenol methyl amide;(+)-16-m-Chlorophenoxy tetranor PGF2α methyl amide
Molecular Formula:C23H32ClNO5
Molecular Weight:438.0
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Cat No:R039562
Product-Name:(+)-Cloprostenol methyl amide
(+)-Cloprostenol is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin F (PGF). It is an FP receptor agonist and a potent luteolytic agent in rats and hamsters. It is 200 times and 100 times more potent than PGF in terminating pregnancy in hamsters and rats, respectively, without the side effects associated with PGF. Cloprostenol is also used in veterinary medicine as a luteolytic agent for the induction of estrus and the treatment of reproductive disorders in cattle, swine, and horses. (+)-Cloprostenol methyl amide is a more lipid soluble form of (+)-cloprostenol. Amides of PGs may serve as prodrugs, under the condition they are hydrolyzed appropriately in certain tissues to generate the bioactive free acid.
1.Dukes, M.,Russell, W., and Walpole, A.L. Potent luteolytic agents related to prostaglandin F2α. Nature 250, 330-331 (1974).
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