CAS No. : 24558-60-9

Product Details
Cat No:R013834
Synonyms:(E)-D-erythro-2-Amino-4-tetradecene-1,3-diol; C14-Sphingosine; Tetradecasphing-4-enine;
Molecular Formula:C₁₄H₂₉NO₂
Molecular Weight:243.39
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Unit:5 mg
Physical Appearance:solid
Cat No:R013834
Cas No:24558-60-9

1. A. Merrill, Jr. “De Novo Sphingolipid Biosynthesis: A Necessary, but Dangerous, Pathway” The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 277(29) pp.25843–25846, 2002
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3. T. Noda et al. “Characterization of a germination-accelerating factor from the silkworm (Bombyx mori Linnaeus) of entomopathogenic fungus Nomuraearileyi (Farlow) Samson” Biosci Biotechnol Biochem, Vol. 74(6) pp. 1226-1230, 2010
4. V. Nava et al. “Sphingosine Enhances Apoptosis of Radiation-resistant Prostate Cancer Cells” Cancer Research, Vol. 60 pp. 4468-4474, 2000

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