(S)-Bromoenol lactone

CAS No. : 478288-94-7

(S)-Bromoenol lactone,478288-94-7
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Cat No:R011228
Molecular Formula:C16H13BrO2
Molecular Weight:317.2
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Cat No:R011228
Cas No:478288-94-7
Product-Name:(S)-Bromoenol lactone
The phospholipases are an extensive family of lipid hydrolases that function in cell signaling, digestion, membrane remodeling, and as venom components. The calcium-independent phospholipases (iPLA2) are a PLA2 subfamily closely associated with the release of arachidonic acid in response to physiologic stimuli. (S)-Bromoenol lactone ((S)-BEL) is an irreversible, chiral, mechanism-based inhibitor of calcium-independent phospholipase β (iPLA2β) that inhibits the vasopressin-induced release of arachidonate from cultured rat aortic smooth muscle (A10) cells with an IC50 value of 2 µM. (S)-BEL is more than 1,000-fold selective for iPLA2 versus cPLA2, and is 10-fold selective for iPLA2β versus iPLA2γ.
1.Balsinde, J.,Balboa, M.A.,Insel, P.A., et al. Regulation and inhibition of phospholipase A2. Annual Reviews of Pharmacology and Toxicology 39, 175-189 (1999).
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