CAS No. : 1217471-69-6

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Cat No:R009590
Synonyms:(2S)-3-[(hydroxymercaptophosphinyl)oxy]-2-methoxypropyl ester, 9Z-octadecenoic acid, triethyl ammonium salt
Molecular Formula:C22H43O6PS • 2(C2H5)3N
Molecular Weight:669.0
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Cat No:R009590
Cas No:1217471-69-6
Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) is a potent lipid mediator that elicits its effect through four distinct receptors - LPA1/EDG-2, LPA2/EDG-4, LPA3/EDG-7 and LPA4/GPR23. OMPT is a selective agonist of the lysophosphatidic acid 3 (LPA3) receptor. It exhibits EC50 values of 68 nM and >6.8 µM for calcium mobilization in LPA1 and LPA2-expressing Sf9 cells, respectively. The (2S)-OMPT enantiomer is 5- to 20-fold more active than (2R)-OMPT in calcium release assays in both LPA3-transfected Sf9 and rat hepatoma Rh7777 cells.
1.Chun, J.,Goetzl, E.J.,Hla, T., et al. International union of pharmacology. XXXIV. Lysophospholipid receptor nomenclature. Pharmacological Reviews 54, 265-269 (2002).
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