CAS No. : 257641-01-3

Product Details
Cat No:R001128
Synonyms:rel-N,N’-(1R,2R)-1,2-Cyclohexanediylbis[2-mercapto-acetamide; Vectrase P; BMC
Molecular Formula:C10H18N2O2S2
Molecular Weight:262.4
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Appearance:A crystalline solid
Cat No:R001128
Cas No:257641-01-3
(±)-trans-1,2-Bis(2-mercaptoacetamido)cyclohexane (BMC) is a cyclohexane with two mercaptoacetamido groups. It is used, both in vitro and in vivo, to promote the correct folding of proteins that require disulfide bonds for functionality. For in vitro applications, BMC may be used to facilitate protein refolding of solubilized proteins from inclusion bodies. Reducing agents, like dithiothreitol, may interfere with refolding. BMC may also be added to the growth medium of cells, including yeast cells, to enhance the folding of proteins with disulfide bonds in vivo.
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