CAS No. : 69344-74-7

COBRATOXIN (Alpha-),69344-74-7
Product Details
Cat No:P000009
Molecular Formula:C332 H520 N98 O101 S10
Molecular Weight:7,821
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Appearance:White solid
Optical Activity:No optical Activity
Purity:≥ 99% (capillary electrophoresis)
Cat No:P000009
Cas No:69344-74-7
Product-Name:COBRATOXIN (Alpha-)

It is a long chain postsynaptic neurotoxin, antagonist of nicotinic receptor with a high affinity.

A 71-amino acid polypeptide with 5 disulfide Bonds, purified from Naja kaouthia snake venom.

It is a nicotinic cholinoreceptor antagonist: Kd = 55 pM, homologue of postsynaptically acting toxins.

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