(Diphenylmethylenebisthio)bis(thioformic acid O-ethyl) ester

CAS No. : 17435-01-7

(Diphenylmethylenebisthio)bis(thioformic acid O-ethyl) ester,17435-01-7
Product Details
Cat No:M079750
Synonyms:(Diphenylmethylenebisthio)bis(thioformic acid O-ethyl) ester
Molecular Formula:C19H20O2S4
Molecular Weight:408.607
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Cat No:M079750
Cas No:17435-01-7
Product-Name:(Diphenylmethylenebisthio)bis(thioformic acid O-ethyl) ester
IUPAC Name:O-ethyl [ethoxycarbothioylsulfanyl(diphenyl)methyl]sulfanylmethanethioate
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