CAS No. : 1261038-93-0

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Cat No:M030970
Molecular Formula:C17H13Cl2NO4
Molecular Weight:366.194
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Appearance:A crystalline solid
Cat No:M030970
Cas No:1261038-93-0
IUPAC Name:(3R)-4,7-dichloro-3-hydroxy-3-[2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-oxoethyl]-1H-indol-2-one
Ewing’s sarcoma is characterized by the formation of an oncogenic fusion protein, EWS-FLI1, which binds to RNA helicase central to disease. YK-4-279 binds to EWS-FLI1 (Kd = 9.48 μM), blocking the interaction of EWS-FLI1 and RNA helicase and driving apoptosis in Ewing’s sarcoma family tumors. Through these effects, YK-4-279 reduces the growth of Ewing’s sarcoma orthotopic xenografts. Importantly, it is effective in Ewing’s sarcoma cells, both in vitro and in vivo, that are chemotherapy-resistant. YK-4-279 also binds the ETS transcription factors ERG and ETV1 (Kd = 11.7 and 17.4, respectively), which form fusion proteins that contribute to some types of prostate cancer. (+)-YK-4-279 is a highly purified enantiomer of YK-4-279. Its properties have not been characterized.
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