(+)-AJ 76 hydrochloride

CAS No. : 85378-82-1

(+)-AJ 76 hydrochloride,85378-82-1
Product Details
For research use only. Not Intended for Therapeutic Use!
Cat No:I010261
Synonyms:(1S,2R)-cis-5-Methoxy-1-methyl-2-(N-propylamino)tetralin hydrochloride
Molecular Formula:C15H23NO.HCl
Molecular Weight:269.81
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Cat No:I010261
Cas No:85378-82-1
Product-Name:(+)-AJ 76 hydrochloride
Dopamine receptor antagonist with preferential action at presynaptic receptors (pKi values are 6.95, 6.67, 6.37, 6.21 and 6.07 at hD3. hD4, hD2S, hD2L and rD2 receptors respectively).
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