CAS No. : 1977-10-2

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For research use only. Not Intended for Therapeutic Use!
Cat No:I000025
Molecular Formula:C18H18ClN3O
Molecular Weight:327.81
Target:5-HT Receptor
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Appearance:Solid powder
Purity: > 98%
Cat No:I000025
Cas No:1977-10-2

Loxapine Succinate is a D2DR and D4DR inhibitor, serotonergic receptor antagonist and also a dibenzoxazepine anti-psychotic agent.
IC50 value:
Target: D2DR/D4DR; 5-HT receptor
in vitro: In the presence of Loxapine, [3H]ketanserin binds to 5-HT2 receptor in Frontal cortex of brain in human and bovine with ki value of 6.2 nM and 6.6 nM, respectively. Loxapine has the rank order of potency for the various receptors appears to be as follows:5-HT2≥D4>>>D1>D2 in comparing competition experiments involving the human membranes [1]. Loxapine 0.2 μM, 2 μM and 20 μM reduces IL-1beta secretion by LPS-activated mixed glia cultures after 1 and 3 days of exposure. Loxapine in concentrations of 0.2 μM, 2 μM and 20 μM reduces IL-2 secretion in mixed glia cultures after 1 and 3 days of exposure, and additionally Loxapine decreases IL-1beta and IL-2 secretion in LPS-induced microglia cultures in concentrations of 2 μM, 10 μM and 20 μM [2].
in vivo: Loxapine (5 mg/kg) induces a very significant reduction (more than 50%) of serotonin (S2) receptor density after 4 weeks or 10 weeks of daily injection in the rat. Loxapine (5 mg/kg) does not change dopamine receptor density but greatly reduces serotonin receptor density by 47% in the brain of rats [3].

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