CAS No. : 797-63-7

Levonorgestrel ,797-63-7
Product Details
Cat No:A000355
Synonyms:Norgestrel; 797-63-7; D-Norgestrel; Microval; Postinor
Molecular Formula:C21H28O2
Molecular Weight:312.5
Target:Estrogen/progestogen Receptor
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Appearance:Solid powder
Purity: > 98%
Cat No:A000355
Cas No:797-63-7
Levonorgestrel is a manufactured hormone used in a number of birth control methods. In pill form, it is useful within 120 hours as emergency birth control. It becomes less effective the longer after sex and only works before pregnancy has occurred. It is also combined with an estrogen to make combined oral birth control pill. Within an IUD, it is effective for long term prevention of pregnancy. An implantable form of levonorgestrel is also marketed in some countries.
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