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N6-(4-Hydroxybenzyl)adenosine CAS: 110505-75-4

Category: Inhibitors
Product Name: N6-(4-Hydroxybenzyl)adenosine
Cat No: I000431
CAS No: 110505-75-4
Molecular Formula: C17H19N5O5
Molecular Weight: 373.36
Solubility: DMSO:≥ 3.8 mg/mL
Target: P2Y12receptor
IC50: 6.77-141 μM
CAS 110505-75-4,N6-(4-Hydroxybenzyl)adenosine
  • Description

N6-(4-Hydroxybenzyl)adenosine is a inhibitor of platelet aggregation induced in vitro by collagen and their activity range was demonstrated (IC50: 6.77-141 μM).
IC50 value: 6.77-141 μM
Target: P2Y12receptor
Anti-aggregation activity of N6-(4-Hydroxybenzyl)adenosine could involve an interaction with the P2Y12receptor binding site.

  • References

[1]. Vistoli G, et al. Naturally occurring N(6)-substituted adenosines (cytokinin ribosides) are in vitro inhibitors of platelet aggregation: an in silico evaluation of their interaction with the P2Y(12) receptor. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2014 Dec 15;24(24):5652-5655.
[2]. Zhang, Ying; Shi, Jian-gong; Liu, Geng-tao; Zhang, Jian-jun. Effect of N6-(4-hydroxybenzyl) adenine riboside isolated from Gastrodia elata on muscle strength, motor coordination and body temperature in mice. From Guoji Yaoxue Yanjiu Zazhi (2012), 39(5), 420-424.

price inquiry for CAS:110505-75-4, Product:N6-(4-Hydroxybenzyl)adenosine
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