CAS No. : 107534-93-0

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For research use only. Not Intended for Therapeutic Use!
Cat No:I000346
Molecular Formula:C20H24O4
Molecular Weight:328.4
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Appearance: Powder
Purity: 98.5%
Cat No:I000346
Cas No:107534-93-0

Macelignan(Anwuligan) is a natural compound isolated from Myristica fragrans Houtt; possesses therapeutic potentials against neurodegenerative diseases with oxidative stress and neuroinflammation.
IC50 value:
in vitro: Macelignan significantly attenuated the ROS production and neurotoxicity induced by glutamate in HT22 cell [1]. At 24 h of biofilm growth, S. mutans, A. viscosus and S. sanguis biofilms were reduced by up to 30%, 30% and 38%, respectively, after treatment with 10 microg/mL macelignan for 5 min [2]. Cisplatin-induced phosphorylation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase1/2 (JNK1/2) and extracellular signal-regulated kinase1/2 (ERK1/2) was abrogated by pretreatment with macelignan, however, that of p38 was not significantly affected [3].
in vivo: Macelignan attenuated the expression of phosphorylated c-Jun in cisplatin-treated mice [3]. Daily administration of macelignan reduced the spatial memory impairments induced by the chronic LPS infusions [4].

[1]. Jin DQ, et al. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of macelignan in murine hippocampal cell line and primary culture of rat microglial cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Jun 17;331(4):1264-9.
[2]. Yanti, et al. In vitro anti-biofilm activity of macelignan isolated from Myristica fragrans Houtt. against oral primary colonizer bacteria. Phytother Res. 2008 Mar;22(3):308-12.
[3]. Sohn JH, et al. Protective Effects of macelignan on cisplatin-induced hepatotoxicity is associated with JNK activation. Biol Pharm Bull. 2008 Feb;31(2):273-7.
[4]. Cui CA, et al. Macelignan attenuates LPS-induced inflammation and reduces LPS-induced spatial learning impairments in rats. Neurosci Lett. 2008 Dec 19;448(1):110-4.

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