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Tranilast Sodium CAS: 104931-56-8

Category: Inhibitors
Product Name: Tranilast Sodium
Cat No: I000272
CAS No: 104931-56-8
Synonyms: sodium;2-[3-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)prop-2-enoylamino]benzoate
Molecular Formula: C18H16NNaO5
Molecular Weight: 349.31
SMILES: COC1=C(C=C(C=C1)C=CC(=O)NC2=CC=CC=C2C(=O)[O-])OC.[Na+]
Solubility: 10 mM in H2O
Target: Angiotensin Receptor
Storage: Store at -20°C
CAS 104931-56-8,Tranilast Sodium
  • Description

Tranilast is an antiallergic agent.
Target: Angiotensin Receptor
Tranilast has been approved in Japan and South Korea, since 1982, for the treatment of bronchial asthma, with indications for keloids and hypertrophic scar added in 1993. Tranilast is also used to treat asthma, autoimmune diseases, atopic and fibrotic pathologies, and can also inhibit angiogenesis. The antiproliferative properties of tranilast were found that tranilast elicited an inhibitory effect on fibroblast proliferation in vitro and also suppressed collagen production both in vitro and in vivo . Tranilast also reduced the release of chemical mediators from mast cells and suppressed hypersensitivity reactions. [1]
Three-week-old C57Bl/10 and mdx mice received tranilast (~300 mg/kg) in their food for 9 weeks, after which fibrosis was assessed through histological analyses, and functional properties of tibialis anterior muscles were assessed in situ and diaphragm muscle strips in vitro. Tranilast administration did not significantly alter the mass of any muscles in control or mdx mice, but it decreased fibrosis in the severely affected diaphragm muscle by 31% compared with untreated mdx mice (P<0.05) [2].

  • References

[1]. Rogosnitzky, M., R. Danks, and E. Kardash, Therapeutic potential of tranilast, an anti-allergy drug, in proliferative disorders. Anticancer Res, 2012. 32(7): p. 2471-8.
[2]. Swiderski, K., et al., Tranilast administration reduces fibrosis and improves fatigue resistance in muscles of mdx dystrophic mice. Fibrogenesis Tissue Repair, 2014. 7(1): p. 1.

price inquiry for CAS:104931-56-8, Product:Tranilast Sodium